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As you know, marriage is the most sensitive and special event in a person's life. The honeymoon season brings a lot of excitement with a new beginning. The first few days after the wedding are in heaven. People are happy that they finally find their true soulmate and are together in this life. Everything looks so beautiful. This is nothing wrong with your life and is the only period of your life you think your loved one is always there for you, but soon you cross your honeymoon When you die, your excitement begins to diminish. Now, real life is right in front of you, which looks mediocre and boring. Even couples can't enjoy each other's company and you're probably looking for a way to liven up your life. The quarrel definitely broke out and the couple is no longer in a happy relationship. The test of time sometimes robs a partner of the beauty of love, and relationships begin to collapse. And that's the point where people are looking for a detective after marriage.

It is true that more and more young couples are trying to break away from the sacred bond of marriage. Divorce is complex and very delicate. Therefore, post-marriage research agencies have received a lot of attention to provide assistance in conducting a careful and thorough investigation of one of the couples. These agencies are experiencing private detectives. A person who conducts a highly confidential and highly personal investigation, revealing important evidence and details about an individual. This will help strengthen your divorce case and also get rid of fake marital relationships. If you have an out-of-court reconciliation, it doesn't really matter why couples choose to live away from their lives, but when it comes to unfaithfulness, custody, dependents or dependents claim, you You need evidence against your partner to legally prove your claim, so hiring a post-marriage investigative agency or these types of detectives is the best way to tackle the problem. This exam will also help clarify your doubts about your partner. Assuming your suspicions are wrong, at least you can find peace and start rebuilding your relationship and give him / her a chance with a fresh heart.

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It can be concluded that Indian society is customary and usually downplays divorce, especially for women. Therefore, it is very important to consider a post-marriage investigation before knocking on the court door. This test can save you from getting married, especially ending a relationship. Before seeking legal assistance, it is important to confirm the facts and obtain the coveted evidence.
Extra marital affairs
Full details of a person in divorce cases
Tracking meeting points with some other person
Tracking day to day activities of your spouse
Character verification of your spouse
Proof of pre and post extramarital affairs if any
Employment details as well as about affairs in office if any
Proof of second or hidden marriage if any
Personal details about your significant other

Post-marriage research services provided by Patna (India) Detective & Investigation Agency & Services include recording every location visited, identifying everyone the spouse has met, and providing videos and photos of them. increase. Patna (India) Detective & Investigation Agency & Services research reports may also include video documents to support the findings. Patna (India) Detective & Investigation Agency & Services Post-marriage investigation services provide evidence as needed and testimony in court if suspicions or allegations turn out to be true and unfaithfulness is confirmed. It also includes doing.

Tailored Solutions For Your Security Priorities

We collect concrete evidence to support our claim which can be used in legal matters.